photo by Ian Douglas

photo by Ian Douglas

Watching the Clock (2017)

Length: 40 minutes

Choreography, Performance, Costume & Prop Design: Alyssa Gersony

Sound Engineer and Practical Effects Consultant: Connor McAlpine

Music Credits: Depth of my Soul by Thievery Corporation ft. Shana Halligan, In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) by Peter Ivers and David Lynch

Author Credits: Life Doesn't Frighten Me At All by Maya Angelou, excerpts from Surrealist Women by Penelope Rosemont

About: Watching the Clock is inspired by the poetic and visual art work of Surrealist artists Kay Sage, Simone Yoyotte, and Sheila Legge. Through rigorous physical interrogation with handmade masks, puppets and props, the work juxtaposes fragmented performance histories with lived, visceral conflict. It confronts notions of failure and control embedded in her personal history, while reaching for states of psychoanalytic embodiment as a means to transcend fear. This 40-minute, interdisciplinary work serves as a metacommentary on European-aesthetics in contemporary dance, childhood trauma, and self-coercion. Set for a proscenium stage presentation, Watching the Clock takes audiences on a journey of episodic and unforgiving memory.