response: Kathleen Dycaico's ALLONE

red  /  blue  /  yellow

heavy breath


is this a haunted house


funeral procession of ghosts

fear brothers

stairway to concrete

purple heat space laundry


clean  /  soft  /   fold

balancing marbles

breathless punctuations


laughter piling


she emailed me


blue hair  /  light blue

shaking free the unfolding of thirds

blinking porcelain




something is up and up

take from above, take in, put it out


Eurydice and Orpheus


digging whispers  /  together


 I don’t want to be separated anymore


kiss x

I don’t want to be separate


A L L O N E was presented by OTION Front Studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Performers included: Ciara Clements, Sophie Miles, Crichton Atkinson,  Jessica GQ Frito, Angela Whitehead, and Mimi Howard.