response: Sarah Michelson's R2R Attempt 2

to explain without names



a voyeuristic spectacle that preaches a self-conscious ego mantra



simultaneous rejection / celebration of





Do I sound mad? I am just carving out a place…



the wonderment

of obsession


fall / risk / devote / devour

for her, there is no other way

for some, this is it






figuring out the rules is as tiresome as it is reflective



figure your friends

your unknowns

the dedications


those you suppose a relation to


robots recite phrases indecipherable



I’ll wait. while you




the Text was swallowed in space

waves drifted near Time

I wandered in


the crowd listens as it is graced with an invitation to leave

grunting in fourth position as a protest to the neatly defined dance composition


“keep going”


an emancipatory apocalypse

a failure


a virtuosic play



remaining / lingering / lost




the thinning strands of post modernism


find a connection to this relentless fire



authorship happens now





response: Tatyana Tenenbaum's Thunder

a humming collective series


and I, you





acknowledge offerings

with light touching




grey clouds





grey garments


head / spring / the purpose

under / tow / neck


to see chanting




tapping reverb

tasking resonance


the unknowable end

reflects a slow beauty


style emerges

Thunder was presented by Brooklyn Studios for Dance in Clinton HIll, Brooklyn. Performers included: Laurel Snyder, Emily Moore, Marisa Clementi, Ashley Handel, Li Cata and Tatyana Tenenbaum. Costumes by Athena Kokoronis/DPA. Lighting by Rebeca Medina. Tech Consultation by Lillie De.

response: Kathleen Dycaico's ALLONE

red  /  blue  /  yellow

heavy breath


is this a haunted house


funeral procession of ghosts

fear brothers

stairway to concrete

purple heat space laundry


clean  /  soft  /   fold

balancing marbles

breathless punctuations


laughter piling


she emailed me


blue hair  /  light blue

shaking free the unfolding of thirds

blinking porcelain




something is up and up

take from above, take in, put it out


Eurydice and Orpheus


digging whispers  /  together


 I don’t want to be separated anymore


kiss x

I don’t want to be separate


A L L O N E was presented by OTION Front Studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Performers included: Ciara Clements, Sophie Miles, Crichton Atkinson,  Jessica GQ Frito, Angela Whitehead, and Mimi Howard.